Every year we host a free event for our members and their families - a traditional kiwi picnic at the park!  Attended by families young and old, this year our youngest attendee was 2 months, and we can't divulge the upper age limits of the oldest...  

The weather cooperated, and we had plenty of snarlers and hot dogs fresh from the barbecue, which was expertly managed by John Waters, our chief grill meister this year.   Not to forget ample potato salad, chips, biscuits (cookies) and more, all washed down by a variety of liquid refreshments.  All enjoyed at picnic tables right by the Chattahoochee River.

The kids enjoyed the playground and just hanging out together, while adults caught up on recent events, waxed nostalgic about things New Zealand, and the brave even participated in an egg toss (Hey, where are those photos?)  And we even had some NZ T-shirts and souvenirs for sale - to further add to the nostalgia.

Come join us again next year for our yearly picnic by the Hooch - and don't forget it's FREE!

See the thumbnailed pix below:

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